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Welcome to redhouserecordings. 

The Official Website To The Music Of "REDHOUSE"

An independent, semi-professional/part-time, self-funded, Songwriter/Producer, and occasional Singer/Artist from Surrey in the UK. Who, when penning his own tracks, likes to write inspirational, uplifting, life-driven, and rhythmic Soul/RnB-infused Pop songs. He can be eclectic. And he's mainly influenced and inspired by artists such as Bruno Mars, Donna Summer, Adele, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Christina Aquilera, Whitney Houston, and Billy Joel. But there are many more. 

Red's role for this particular set of cover songs is as producer. And it all starts in his spare bedroom.

How This Project Began​

One Summer, REDHOUSE and his family set off in a minibus for a holiday in the middle of France. They had a great time! One night, when the stars were bright, gone midnight. They each sang a song. It sounded awesome! And his imagination was well and truly captured. When in a magical moment. His niece danced and sang on the moonlit tabletops to a song he'd not heard before. It's what he calls his 'Superman' moment. Because her grande performance became the inspiration behind the music adventures of REDHOUSE. Which you'll discover, here today.

And so it was that REDHOUSE decided to start work on his own versions of classic songs which have always inspired him. REDHOUSE is super excited to be working with the awesome Oliviya Nicole on his latest projects. Which includes his own versions of "If There Is Music There" and "MacArthur Park", recorded by Donna Summer. Barbra Streisand's "Superman", and the ageless classic "Over The Rainbow".

  These recordings began in April 2021, and REDHOUSE has already released three of them. And he's currently in the midst of recording his version of "Superman" along with a special "surprise" bonus track for his fans!

So if you'd like to have a listen. Make sure you check 'em out!

Red would like to thank every Streamer, Follower, and Fan for your amazing support!

Take Care and Stay Safe pp. REDHOUSE


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Release Delayed Until January 22
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MacArthur Park Out Now
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If There Is Music There Out Now
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Over The Rainbow Out Now



3rd December 2021


It's funny how time flies when you're doing something enjoyable and worthwhile. And what a downer it can be when things don't quite work out to plan. As fans will know only too well. Then to lose your singer, temporarily. Well, that just sucks! So with that in mind, Red gave an update today, which you'll find below.

' Dear fans, streamers, and followers. I had to make a difficult decision today. Bearing in mind the fact that Oliviya's taking longer than expected to recover with her vocals. Paired with the fact that we won't be able to make the schedule for a December 2021 release. Which is to postpone "Superman" and the surprise track until January 2022. As we simply won't make it. It's a hard call but unfortunately, we're hand-tied. And I have to be realistic. Oliviya is improving day by day but not quite there yet. And I wanted to let you know how sorry I am for this unexpected turn of events, and the disappointment you may be feeling right now. However, I've still continued with the music and production side of things. And I'm glad to tell you that I now have 4 tracks on the go. This means we should have a smoother release agenda when the New Year arrives! For the moment, of course, we're all behind Oliviya. As she makes those step-by-step improvements towards fully regaining her voice. And put simply, I wouldn't want anyone else to step in, though I was tempted at one point. Because she's not only a great singer but great fun to work with as well. So for the moment, I'll be pressing ahead with the production side of the tracks. Until she's better. When that happens, please be assured you'll be the first to know. 

Christmas, of course, is fast approaching. Lights and candles can be seen popping up along the streets and towns where I live. And I can hear songs of joy seeping out from everywhere! With that in mind, I thought this would be a great time to thank everyone for supporting the music I make. And for taking an interest in what I do. Because without fans such as you, it would probably be much harder to stay positive, in such a negative situation. 

And so. I'd like to take this moment to wish each and every one of you a Super Happy Christmas and a highly prosperous New Year. 

Stay safe everyone. And I'll update you as soon as I can bring you some good news! I really appreciate the support you've given this year. It's been awesome! And hope you'll be there as we continue this adventure. In to 2022

Thank You All so very much. From me and the team here at redhouserecordings '!


27th November 2021


I met with Red today to ask how Oliviya's vocals were coming along. Apparently, there's at least some sign of improvement, but still not 100%. So as per the previous post. The next single "Superman" remains delayed for the time being. It's very frustrating for everyone but we can't really rush these things. Therefore, we hope fans will continue in their patience until Oliviya is back and fully on song. Red is continuing to make his music though. And hopes to have some good news soon. 


20th November 2021


Hi everyone! I had an update from Red today about the progress of his recording schedule And he wanted to share the following with fans.

' As we know Cheese. Due to the loss of Oliviya's vocals for the moment. My main concern is that she gets them back unrushed. So fans will want to be assured that I'm conscious of her health where that's concerned. And that Oliviya will be back on form when she's ready. Not before. However.  I've not been idle! But progressing through the production with " Superman ", and working on the special track that will follow. This has given me the chance to raise the bar musically and sonically. And I'm so excited at the progress made. 

At the moment, Oliviya's slowly regaining her vocals. So there's a slim chance the next track could land in December. But I do hope peeps won't be too disappointed if we miss that deadline. There's still space to make that happen, of course. But I can't say for sure. In the meantime, I'm busy with the music elements of the tracks ahead. So I've plenty to do. And I'll talk with Oliviya again next week, to see how she's coming along. And update everyone then. But for now, may I extend both our best wishes to you all. And thank you for your understanding and patience '. 

16th November 2021


Dear fans, followers, and streamers. I had a call from Red explaining that Oliviya suddenly lost her voice today. Meaning

" Superman " has hit a delay. In turn, Red explained that the release of his next two tracks looks as if they'll be put on hold for the moment. As you can imagine, Red's not sure what this means in terms of getting these tracks out. But we'll update you as soon as we can. In the meantime, I am sure everyone will join us in wishing Oliviya a speedy recovery. So please bear with us as she tries to get her vocals back! More info will follow in the coming days.


Sound Equipment

12th November 2021

So here we are. It's six months since REDHOUSE began his musical adventure. And we're delighted how many people have tuned in, taken an interest, and supported what he set out to do. It's been a learning process for Red. And we hope you've been able to hear the musical improvements evident with each new release. This project really isn't so much about REDHOUSE, as it is for the songs and the awesome Oliviya Nicole. So as we approach the finale to Red's adventure. He'd like to share some thoughts with fans.

' It can be a lonely existence for an artist, producer, or singer, trying to make it in the music industry. It's even harder if you're independent. As you're competing with everyone! Even the top stars. But, let's be clear. My aim was to raise awareness of the tracks in this set. Nothing more! And to inspire the consciousness of a newer generation. It was also about having fun of course. Making the music and learning. And I'm very proud of everyone that's helped me achieve that objective!

I'm just an ordinary guy. Who's lucky enough to be working alongside five stars. The first of whom is Oliviya. You are a finely polished singer, who I absolutely love working with! Thank you for being a part of my music! Secondly, there's Ed. Whos studio I record in. And who helps produce, mix and engineer my music. You are an absolute star! Third, there's Randy and Stuart. It's such an honor to have you master my tracks! Then, there's the songs and their composers. Without whom, this adventure would never have begun. You are amazing! And last but certainly not least. There's you! The fans, streamers, and followers. Who have rallied around this adventure! And given this project some meaning and purpose. Which is a truly fabulous thing! Thank you all so very, very much!

So as I come to the ultimate track in this series of covers. I want to thank everyone. Even the birds that gather outside my window when I practice my vocals! ( I'm not sure if they come to protest or not, lol! ). For helping lift this project to a new level. We started out with 288 plays, and I can't believe, that as I sit here, we're about to break the 7,500 plays barrier. And we couldn't have done that without you. So as we head towards Christmas, and the final release in this particular set of songs. Let me say a huge thank you - to you all. For helping me realize a goal! You are truly magnificent!!

This adventure isn't over of course. As my next release/cover of " Superman " will be landing in December. And a " surprise for the fans " track as well. So whilst we edge to a close on this first series of songs. There's still more to come. And I hope those of you, whom I feel are now a part of my music. Will stay on this ride. As together we rise to the new and exciting challenges ahead!

"Superman" will be coming soon. So do watch out for that. And then also the "surprise track". Both of which will be announced here. So make sure you check back regularly. To discover the release dates!

Finally, I want to thank the original writers and composers of the songs again. As without you, these versions would never have been made. You're awesome! And I wouldn't have covered them unless you were!  So thank you, Harold Arlen, Yip Harburg, Donna Summer, Micheal Omartian. Jimmy Webb and Ritchie Snyder. Wherever you are.

 Stay safe everyone. And please keep listening, playing, following, sharing, and liking '!


My greatest wishes go out to you all '.



7th November 2021

It's been a swell week here for REDHOUSE in the UK since the launch of his version of " MacArthur Park ". Red let me know today that this track has ballooned, in terms of plays. Especially over this weekend. Where it seems Red has gained quite a number of new fans and listeners! I couldn't believe it! So I asked Red to say something about the awesome response to his latest release!

' Yes, Chees. It's such an honor to let fans know that their there seems to have been quite a sizable uplift since the launch. Not just for " MacArthur " but the other songs too. And it seems all the hard work put in at the studio has paid off. Aided by the latest release, we are seeing new fans from new towns and cities across the globe. It's such a humbling, yet uplifting moment for me, and the team around me. And I am so proud of how the fans have rallied around to push those numbers up in excess of 3500 more plays this week and weekend. This has done wonders to raise awareness of this beautiful Jimmy Webb song. And I thank every fan for playing their part in making that happen. Thank you, everyone, wherever you are.

Fans will know you changed your release schedule a bit. Maybe you could explain?

Yes. So as fans will know, I marked two versions of " MacArthur Park " in the end. The first of which, is now out, obviously. But I decided that it would be better to hold the second version back. Because of the blockages ahead in my release schedule. Remember I told you it was taking longer to get the mastering done and get releases approved? Well in addition to that. Lots more releases are going through the same process during the run-up to Christmas. (Christmas compilations, for example). So I decided to hold it back, bring " Superman " forward. Plus I hope (time allowing) get the surprise track out - all before the new year. So the second " MacArthur " version, being quite a summery-sounding mix, seemed better left until after the new year. By which time I hope to have caught up a bit. I do apologize if fans expected it earlier. 

And just a quick comment on " Superman "?

Sure. So Superman is another wonderful song currently in production that's coming on well. Rich Snyder's composition is magnificent. So I'm working several ways on it, to arrive at something that he and Barbra Streisand would approve of. As I have tried to do with all the songs in this project. But quite how it will turn out, remains to be seen. Or shall we say heard? However, I'm confident that fans will enjoy it.


So there we have it, folks! I hope this explained things to you. Remember Red's not always in control of his releases but you can bet he tries hard to make things happen when they should. Again. Everyone here wishes you happy listening! And thanks again for tuning in and supporting REDHOUSE!

Your plays and support are absolutely bedazzling!




 Public Domain


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"Over The Rainbow" 

By Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg Copyright © EMI Feist Catalog Inc. REDHOUSE feat. Oliviya Nicole. License Number 1216032. Release ID LPL784608. UPC 8720355400752. ISRC NL4NL2146478. Produced By REDHOUSE In Association With Ed Stokes/Oliviya Nicole. Recorded At Stokes Studio. Mastered By Ed At Stokes Studio UK. © 2021 REDHOUSE/redhouserecordings/Canta Brio Music.

Released On The 30th June 2021 By REDHOUSE/redhouserecordings.

"If There Is Music There" 

By Donna Summer and Michael Omartian. Copyright © Fun Attic Music, LLC o/b/o Mandipher and Sweet Summer Night Music. REDHOUSE feat. Oliviya Nicole. License Number 1220031. Release ID LPL786856. UPC 8720355463511. ISRC NL4NL2161411. Produced By REDHOUSE In Association With Ed Stokes/Oliviya Nicole. © 2021 REDHOUSE/redhouserecordings/Canta Brio Music. Recorded At Stokes Studio UK. Mastered By Stuart Hawkes At Metropolis Studios UK. With Special Thanks To 'Ordinary Diva' For The Background Information Given On This Track. Which Is Especially Dedicated To Donna Summer And Her Family.

Released On The 27th August 2021 By REDHOUSE/redhouserecordings.

"MacArthur Park"

By Jimmy Webb. Copyright © Universal Polygram International Publishing Inc. REDHOUSE feat.Oliviya Nicole. License Number 1220123. Release ID LPL786884. UPC 8720355514749. ISRC NL4NL2174003.Produced By REDHOUSE In Association With Ed Stokes/Oliviya Nicole. © 2021 REDHOUSE/redhouserecordings/Canta Brio Music. Recorded At Stokes Studio UK. Mastered By Randy Merrill At Sterling Sound USA. With Special Thanks To Jen At Spinnup, For Helping Red Navigate The Last Minute Changes.

Released On 29th October 2021 By REDHOUSE/redhouserecordings.


By Rich Snyder. Copyright BMG Gold Songs, EMI Jemaxal Music Inc, and Bjs Music Corp. REDHOUSE feat. Oliviya Nicole.  License Number TBA.

Release ID LPA343777. This Track Is Unfortunately Delayed.

"Surprise Track"

Is Unfortunately Delayed

"MacArthur Park" (Version Title TBA-Remix

By Jimmy Webb. Copyright © Universal Polygram International Publishing Inc. REDHOUSE feat.Oliviya Nicole. License Number TBA. Release ID TBA. Produced By REDHOUSE In Association With Ed Stokes/Oliviya Nicole.

© 2021 REDHOUSE/redhouserecordings/Canta Brio Music. This Track Was Recorded In August And September 2021. 

Release Date Delayed And Being Rescheduled For January 2022.


With Special Thanks To Han, Ed, and Oli For Making This Adventure Possible.


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